Developing Partnerships for the Future



Bridge-Builder – Creating “Grace Margins” filled with truth and authenticity

Bridge-Builder – Allowing “Grace Margins” to help you understand the GAP

Bridge-Builder – Using the GAP to help you to better understand your mission

Bridge-Builder – Developing “Missional Consensus” within your organization

Bridge-Builder – Communicating your mission both clearly and passionately


Eye-Opener – Why are so many good organizations struggling these days?

Eye-Opener – What’s the difference between “membership” and “partnership”?

The Essence of Partnership

Eye-Opener – Why do organizations need to remember the Pareto Principle?

Eye-Opener – Why do even good leaders need strong partnerships?

Eye-Opener – How can an organizations build and promote strong partnerships?


Building-Block – Why is storytelling an important part of building partnerships?

Building-Block – How can we use storytelling to ask our partners for their help?

Building-Block – Why does our annual budget need to be more than numbers?

Building-Block – How can we avoid destroying partnerships through burn-out?

Building-Block – How can we prepare our partners for times of transition?


Challenge – Learning how to be trustworthy in a competitive atmosphere

Challenge – Learning how maintain partnerships in times of disagreement

Challenge – Learning how to recognize the signs of failing partnerships

Challenge – Learning how to end partnerships with dignity and respect


Do you have an organizational partnership issue that you’d like me to address?

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