Developing Partnerships for the Future




Bridge-Builders works with organizations that are committed to developing the types of creative partnerships that are vital in changing times.

We live in a complex Age where many organizations are constantly struggling to find the volunteers and financial support that are necessary to fulfill their mission. We, also, live in an Age where people are generous and where people want to know that what they’re doing is helping our world to become a better place. Bridge-Builders helps organizations to fulfill their mission by helping them: (1) to clarify their mission and identify key areas where additional help and support is needed, (2) to more effectively “share the story” of their life-changing work in a way that communicates excitement and passion, and (3) to encourage people to enter into partnerships knowing that we can always do more when we’re working together than we can do when we’re working by ourselves.

Imagine a small synagogue, where people are passionate about feeding hungry children in their neighborhood, creating a summer breakfast program. The synagogue may not be able to provide a large pool of volunteers, but it can offer a large room where children in the neighborhood can gather for a meal. Local schools and parent-teacher organizations can help to identify parents and other adults in the community who would be willing to offer a few hours each week (during the summer) to serve meals. Many local foodbanks are willing to offer high-quality food to community breakfast programs at no cost. Thus, hungry children can be fed when bridges are built and partnerships are developed.

Imagine a small group of people who are passionate about supporting people who are caregivers in an aging community. This small group of people may not have access to a meeting place; but, perhaps, a local church or the local YMCA would be willing to offer a room where caregivers could gather. Many county aging agencies can provide people to teach classes or lead discussions where caregivers gather. United Way organizations can often help caregivers connect with people who are willing to stay with loves-ones when a caregiver needs to leave the house for a few hours. Perhaps, if a local church, synagogue, mosque or temple is willing to offer a gathering place, it could also provide a small team of people to bake cookies and provide something for people who attend the gathering to drink? Caregivers can receive the help and the support that they need when bridges are built and when partnerships are developed within a community.

Could you more effectively fulfill your mission if you had more help and resources?

Bridge-Builders works with organizations that are committed to developing the types of creative partnerships that are vital in changing times.

Please visit this site often to learn more about people who are coming together and who are developing life-giving partnerships. I can schedule a 15-minute consultation (at no cost to you) to discuss your organization’s hopes and dreams, or to discuss a challenge or obstacle that keeps you from achieving your mission. And then, if we sense that we have developed a connection and if we decide that we want to journey farther down the road together, we can discuss ways that Bridge-Builders can help your organization to develop the types of partnerships that you need to fulfill your mission in changing times.


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