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This blog has been created to challenge people to see the deep connections between their life of faith and the public policies that they both support and endorse.

We live in a confusing Age where many people in America are seeking simple answers to complex and difficult questions. We’re being encouraged to build our lives around short passages (even single verses) that Christian fundamentalists have picked from the Bible. Well-meaning Christians have adopted the platforms of recognized political parties (on the “right” or on the “left”) and have cast votes for political candidates based upon single issues. Many Christians embrace militant Zionism at a time when tensions in the Middle East are rising. We’ve been taught to swiftly condemn people who haven’t succeeded in our capitalistic economy as money continues to flow freely into the pockets of the most wealthy.

But connecting Christian faith and public policy isn’t that easy!

The American Court Jester” is a blog that’s been created to address the issues of real life in a both faithful and faith-filled way. You’re not going to find any easy answers to complex problems here. You’re not going to read the words of people who cherry-pick the truths that they find in the Bible to support their own opinions and prejudices. This blog is an outgrowth of the real and genuine struggle to build bridges between life and faith in the 21st Century.

You might agree with what you read here – or you may disagree with what’s posted – and that’s OK! The goal of “The American Court Jester” is to challenge you, and to make you think about what’s happening in your life and in the world in a faithful way. This blog has been created to present a distinctively Christian perspective, and to faithfully engage in the public debate about real issues that affect the lives of real people.

May you be blessed each time you visit this blog, and may God use what’s posted on this site to challenge you and to inspire you as you continue to serve Him.