Light of Life

Kris began to support the ongoing ministry of the Light of Life Rescue Mission fourteen years ago because, as she describes it, “God put the needs of the homeless on my heart.”

The Light of Life Rescue Mission is a ministry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that’s devoted to meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in the area. The Mission served more than 100,000 warm meals last year and helped to support more than 1,500 people who are facing homelessness on the Northside of Pittsburgh. Men and women who work at the Mission teach classes that can help people to develop basic life skills and to earn their GED. The Mission also offers programs that help people who struggle with substance abuse to overcome their addiction and to take the first necessary steps toward regaining the future that God has planned for their lives.

Kris first began to support the work of the Mission by offering her financial support; but, as her passion for helping the homeless continued to grow, she started serving dinners to about 150 men, women and children on Tuesday nights. “People are so appreciative,” she notes. “I always enjoy meeting people and listening to their stories.”

Kris continues to challenge people who have a passion for reaching-out to the homeless to “take a risk, and go where God leads you,” even though the Mission, like many other ministries that serve the homeless, is located in a part of town that can be intimidating. “There’s always someone who’s willing to help me safely return to my car,” she says. She also notes, with a warm smile on her face, that she finds helping others to be both heart-warming and personally fulfilling.

If you’d like to support the ongoing ministry of the Light of Life Rescue Mission, you can learn more by clicking any of the links in this short post. Those who wish to volunteer are asked to participate in a one-session orientation training event before they begin to work at the Mission. Mentors are also available to help new volunteers find ways that they can effectively use their skills and talents to serve the needs of those who come to the Mission for help and support.

Steve, one of the managers at the Mission says, “We tell people that God still loves them despite their circumstances.” The Light of Life Rescue Mission provides a home for the homeless; offers food to the hungry; and extends God’s embrace to the poor, to those who are struggling with addiction, to the abused, and to those in need.

If you would like to support the ongoing work of the Mission,